Yorkshire Dales

Why the North? Why Yorkshire. Why North Yorkshire above all.

“Let’s shout it from the Dales: here’s why Yorkshire is the best.”

Of course, a lot of us think where we live is best. However, many people would love to live up here instead of where they live now.

There is certainly a quality of life here among the best in the country.

Let’s shout it from the dales: here’s why Yorkshire is the best | Dave Simpson

Part of the the county has been named as the happiest place in Britain. To music and football writer Dave Simpson, that’s no surprise

You see we think it’s grim down South, not up North!

The Guardian has published this feature piece by Dave Simpson who obviously has real affinity with Yorkshire and the Dales – worth a read if you know little about Yorkshire.

Council tax

It looks very much like Student Landlords will soon be paying Council Tax

A short, interesting article flagging up the very real possibility that Student Landlords will soon be paying Council Tax. To be fair, it is very hard to argue that there should be no Council Tax paid, or that the burden should be borne by the students themselves. After all the recent legislative and taxation changes, though, landlords are feeling very much under pressure.