Think of Yorkshire and you’ll probably be visualising something like the image on the left.

Wide open, rolling Dales, with dry stone walls segmenting the lush green landscape, sheep in the fields and glorious countryside in which to walk freely and lose yourself.

If not, you’re probably visualising red brick terraces, cobbled streets, washing hung out on makeshift lines down cobbled back alleys, babies in dirty prams and a general smoke-in-the-air damp, grubby, rather down at heel scenario.

However, you could be visualising luxurious apartments in enormous revitalised old mill buildings.

Or beautiful flower bedecked cottages nestling in the folds of lush valleys.

Or grand sandstone, limestone, millstone grit hotels and apartment buildings.

Or vibrant, active characterful towns and villages with contented residents visiting the local butcher (they still exist here!), artisan baker or simply popping in to the local tea room for a cuppa and a natter with the neighbours.

All of which tells you nothing about why you should Invest In Yorkshire.

Except to point out that we have it all! We have every type of property you can imagine, which means every type of property strategy you can imagine can work.

There are parts of Yorkshire which are, yes, a bit run down – and you might pick up a cheap two-up-two-down for less than £50k, do it up and sell it for a quick £20k profit at 30% ROI, or refinance it and rent it out at 10%+ yield, with all your money back out and infinite ROCE.

There are parts of Yorkshire which are gloriously wealthy. Where you could buy a plot of beautiful land and build a £5m dream house. Sell it for a couple of million profit. Rent it out as super-luxury serviced accommodation. Live in it! Your choice.

And there’s everything in between.

Generally, prices are much lower than London and the Home Counties – although we have hotspots everywhere (for instance in the likes of York and Harrogate, you just have to know where) – you get value for money, generally higher yields and at the moment (2019) Yorkshire is the region of the UK experiencing highest Capital Growth.

If you want to see what you can get for your money in Yorkshire and how you can make that money work harder for you, get in touch with us using the Contact Form linked below.

Sithee soon, tyke!