We offer services covering the whole life of a project; sourcing the deal, negotiating and managing a purchase, lease or option, undertaking and Project Managing development, selling, refinancing and overseeing ongoing rentals.

Of course, we don’t do everything ourselves, that would be crazy, but we have trusted partners who help us out in every imaginable area of the property investment process.

As an investor, you should know how involved you want to be and understand how involved you should be. As with ourselves, we let the experts in their fields do what they are best at while we oversee the whole Project.

Having said that, we are more than happy for our investors to get involved at any and every stage. Communication is absolutely vital to the successful conclusion of a project and we will keep you informed as much or as little as you wish.

If you want to be pretty much completely ‘hands-off’ we will arrange to contact and update you at your preferred frequency. If you would like to be a bit more ‘hands-on’, then we welcome site visits from investors during development and are happy to arrange meetings at short notice. We can speak regularly on the phone, through Skype or Zoom meetings or will provide written updates on a regular basis.

After all, everyone needs to be happy that they are being kept informed as much as they need.

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