Andrew ‘Jonni’ Ball – Managing Director

Hi there! Please call me ‘Jonni’, everyone does!

I am a full time property investor working hard to provide a combination of ongoing cashflow income and capital appreciation from a portfolio of property investments. I do exactly the same for our investors.

I am an experienced business manager and entrepreneur having been in business partnerships within various industries including founding an award winning online computer games development company and hospitality in a private members club. I always have a positive outlook on life and situations, with a strong socially responsible and ethical approach.

When I have time I love playing music (guitar, piano, and some residual ability with a trombone), playing poker with my mates and Magic The Gathering games with my kids. I used to play a lot of sport but I think those days are now over. I still love watching hockey and of course football – although supporting Leeds United can be a bit of a trial!

Carl Sanderson – Construction Director

Hi, I’m Carl. Carlos. Carlos Fandanglos!

I have over 30 years experience in construction and project management, managing smaller and larger, multi-million pound projects. Originally a joiner by trade, I have spent a lot of my life first designing and then travelling to manage installation and construction projects. I am now concentrating on property investment, encompassing all aspects of the design and the practical resolution of our projects.

In what little spare time I have, I play in a local covers band (my band with Jonni is currently in hiatus!) and have built myself a fully acoustically insulated recording and practice studio at the bottom of my back garden.