We have decades of experience, gained from a wide range of building projects.

Over the years we’ve done everything from simple refurbishments, extensions and loft conversions, through digging out and tanking basements, major services installations, converting commercial premises to residential, to complete new build developments on virgin sites.

We have fantastic relationships with solicitors, finance brokers, planning consultants, architects, building control, all the building trades and supporting build teams, acoustic consultants, surveyors, agents – and if we don’t have someone immediately at hand for a very particular task, requiring a very particular skill-set, we know someone who does! We may only have a small core management team, with a slightly larger core build team, but our contacts book and Power Team facilitates everything we could ever need.


Development is something you just cannot do on your own but everyone needs to know what they are doing. And when!

You need to build solid, mutually beneficial relationships and manage the whole process with care and precision. We have experience of Project Managing a myriad, diverse developments from those simple refurbs and extensions to multi-million pound gallery installations. Whether the on-site team is 3 or 4 people, or 50 different sub-contractors, we have the experience and knowledge to get everyone working together in harmony. And, okay, if someone needs a bit of a proverbial ‘kick up the backside’, we know how and when to do that too, without compromising the whole project.

One important thing to say about Project Management and Developments is that they seldom go perfectly, exactly as they should, according to plan. In saying ‘seldom’, we probably mean ‘never’ … but we didn’t want to scare you!

We pride ourselves on having a flexible, solutions focused, creative thinking mindset. That is the best and only way to get things done and achieve the end result everyone wants!

If you would like a friendly informal chat about what we can do for you, please use the Contact Form linked below.

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